Responsible pet ownership is a pleasure

Pet ownership can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. A well-cared-for-dog makes and excellent and loyal friend (mental health), gives one a good reason to go for a walk or jog, provide certain amount of protection and teaches children a sense of responsibility. For these reasons and numerous other, many people perceive their dogs as part of the family.

Responsible puppy care is easy and enjoyable, provided that you start in the right way and organize yourself properly.  Special attention should be paid to the following aspect:

Housing and bedding
Parasite control (internal and external)

When you buy a puppy, inquire about the vaccination status of the puppy from the breeder. Young puppies receive protection from antibodies in their mothers milk, but to maintain this protection it is important that a series of vaccinations, including the rabies shot ,be administered. If the breeder claim that the puppy has been vaccinated, insist on a vaccination certificate, signed by a veterinarian.

There are different approaches to the actual course of vaccinations which is required to protect a puppy from the most important diseases. This course may vary according to the type of vaccines used and the area.

It is important to vaccinate your dog against the following diseases:

Canine Parvovirus
Canine Distemper
Viral Hepatitis

Approximately two weeks is needed before a vaccination will become effective. A single vaccination may not afford complete protection and therefore you should avoid contact with other animals until after the third vaccination. Vaccinationis not 100% guarantee against the diseases, but a correct initial course of vaccinations and timely annual booster vaccinations will provide the best cover possible. It has been proven that preventative vaccination is far less expensive and more effective than treating an animal for a specific disease.