Dogs are descended from wolves and have a strong pack instinct. For their own security and well-being, it is important for boerboels to know where they fit into the pack hierarchy. You the owner, needs to be the alpha-dog, leader of the pack. Some dogs are naturally more dominant than others and may try to usurp your role; others will see you as alpha-dog. It is vital to understand your dog and learn how to handle him or her properly.

Your puppy is now being well housed and fed, the next step is to teach him good manners. I do not intend to go deeply into advanced training and recommend that anyone who wants to go-in for it should join one of the Obedience Classes now to be found everywhere. Special training is a matter for individual taste, but basic obedience is a must!

Every dog owner has a responsibility to train his pet to be a well-behaved, disciplined member of the community. A disobedient, uncontrollable dog is a nuisance and can be a menace to you, your family and others. Your furry friend will be much more enjoyable companion if you take the time to train him properly.

Training tips:

Stick to schedule
Be consistent
Be firm
Be patient
Respond immediately
Maintain good attitude

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